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Absolutely yes!  We offer a FREE lifetime software warranty for as long as you own the vehicle. From time to time a main dealer may perform a software update on your vehicle after it has been tuned.  This will cause your performance gains to be lost!  but dont worry,  if this happens just give us a call and book in to have your tuned file put straight back onto your vehicle - no questions asked!  (booking is essential).

Pembrokeshire remapping and tuning at BankFarm Garages (trailers) Robeston Wathen, Narberth

OBD Remapping and Tuning from just £199.99

This is the quickest and  most common method of tuning your vehicle.  using our specialist equipment we will directly connect to your vehicles 16 pin OBD (On Board Diagnostics) socket.  After an initial diagnostic check  we will then take a copy of your original ECU file and save it for future use.  We will then put our custom tuning software onto the vehicle and undertake live data logging to ensure the vehicles new software is giving the desired performance.

There are some vehicles that do not allow tuning via the OBD port, if this is the case we will then resort to the second method of tuning.  Call us today to find out what gains you could get on your vehicle.  

Using our specialist knowledge and skills, we are able to ensure we can get the safest and most efficient gains out of your vehicle.   petrol and diesel turbocharged or supercharged vehicles often get the best power and fuel economy gains,  power can often increase by as much 40-50%, torque by 40% and fuel economy by around 20%.  gains do vary from vehicle to vehicle so its best to give us a call so we can let you know what we would expect to extract from your vehicle.

Do we offer a lifetime warranty on our software?

How will we remap your vehicle at bank farm garages?


As Pembrokeshire Remapping specialists we pride ourselves in providing a premier tuning service for all types of vehicles that include cars, trucks, boats and tractors.  Using state of the art remapping tools we are able to tune your engine parameters in order to achieve a combination of improved fuel economy and increased power. 

We will tune your ECU and adjust various parameters such as turbo boost, injection quantity, fuel pressure and ignition timing.  All of these factors combined will ensure your vehicle will perform with increased power, torque and driveability.  We also specialise in EGR and DPF removal and cleaning, speed limiter removal, 02 sensor deletion and decatting, immobiliser function removal and more.  

Call us today on 01834869986 to discuss what we can do for your vehicle.

Pembrokeshire remapping and bench tuning at Bank Farm Garages in Narberth

There are two main methods we can use to remap and tune your vehicle here at Bank Farm Garages in Narberth.


Bench Tuning and remapping from just £269.99

Some vehicles cannot be tuned via the OBD port, the way around this issue is called "bench tuning".  Dont worry, you are in safe hands.  We will remove your vehicles ECU and open it to allow direct contact with its circuit board.  We operate a solder-free system that means your ECU will not suffer the effects of heat damage as our specialist probes are individually tailored for each ECU.

Once we have set up the bench rig, we then take a copy of the ECU file just as we would via OBD. We then reflash your new edited file back onto the circuit board, reseal the ECU and refit it back to the vehicle.  Certain ECU types only allow tuning using this method (vehicles with anti-tune etc).

What gains can i expect from remapping my petrol or diesel vehicle?

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