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We are your local DPF cleaning, repair and replacement specialists based in Narberth, Pembrokeshire. We are able to diagnose the root cause of your blocked DPF and can offer a number of solutions and methods to clean, repair and replace your Diesel Particulate Filter.  New MOT laws mean if your vehicle has had its DPF removed it will fail its MOT and you could be fined thousands of pounds.  Act now!

Pembrokeshires leading Diesel particulate filter cleaning and repair specialists

Are You Seeing The DPF Warning Light?

The DPF warning light can come on for many reasons.

In many cases, the DPF light does not actually mean that you have a fault, it can be an indication that you simply need to take the car for a journey of around 20 minutes at around 60mph to allow the vehicle to do an active regeneration. If the light goes out after an extended drive then the DPF has successfully regenerated. However, sometimes the filter is blocked which can be caused by mostly driving slow and short journeys and a DPF clean may be necessary in this case.

If the DPF warning light stays on, or if you find that you are having to drive the car on extended journeys more often to allow regeneration there is most likely an underlying fault elsewhere.

On a regular basis we see misdiagnosed faults, customers quoted thousands of pounds for repairs or replacements and expensive, time consuming DPF removals to be sent away to be cleaned. To accurately diagnose a problem, you must fully understand how the system and any associated components work including ECU software strategies and logic. Even if you have had your DPF removed we can help - as your local specialist DPF repair centre we can replace your DPF and remap/adjust your ECU to ensure you remain fully compliant with the law.  Driving your vehicle with a blocked Diesel Particulate Filter can cause further damage to other components.  we recommend you call us on 01834 869986 as soon as you experience problems.

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